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Video Marketing For Lawyers


Most law firms have been impacted over the past 30 days by Google’s ever-changing Algorithm—often causing satellite sites focused on Mass Tort or PI to be unfavorably rated by Google because of less than optimal content.

I will be the first to admit that I had sites similarly affected by Google. With the dust now settled, you have some options going forward. Google prefers you to build big websites, like drugwatch.com, and they want you to spend a significant amount of money getting content out on the internet. If you want to go this route—Google will love you and probably rank your site high for multiple long-trail keywords during the next 2-5 years.

Marketers on a tighter schedule might want to consider other options. Video marketing is by far the most promising one.

Lawyer Video Marketing 2013

The great thing about video marketing is that Google owns the second biggest search engine in the world: YouTube.com. And the YouTube domain is so large that any content related penalties your smaller website might incur would not affect it.

What I therefore suggest are great marketing videos that can rank for competitive keywords. Let me give an example so you all understand what I’m talking about: If you search Google for DUI Attorney Tampa, for instance, the first video that comes up is a perfect example of how video marketing for lawyers is done correctly. It has the #1 spot for a very competitive keyword, and the result is a huge volume of traffic coming right to the video and through to the attorney. As you can see, his fabulous success has bred imitation—as is evident in the competitor’s video currently in the #2 spot.

In the new world of Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm, video marketing will be the preferred tool to get attorneys ranked in PI, DWI or even Mass Tort. I will talk more about how the Hummingbird update and Penguin 2.1 will affect lawyers in my next blog post.

How Do I Create An Effective Attorney Video ?

First off, it’s very important that you forget about the attorney video ads you see on TV every day. They might produce leads, but they are not, in my opinion and experience, the future of attorney Internet videos.

The most important thing when making an attorney video is connecting with the audience. This is best done by the attorney speaking directly to viewers. Connect with the potential client, answer questions clients typically have—and end with a clear call to action. A call to action might be: “Call us now to find out how we can get you compensation for your injury,” or “DWI defense is what we do. Let us do it for you! Call us now!”

The best video production company I have come across for lawyers is Lawyer Video Studio. They do lawyer videos the right way, and shoot them at your location or invite you to New York City to shoot at their studio. An investment made in quality videos comes back to you 10 or maybe up to 100 times over the next 2 years—as your videos attract new clients to your law firm. The payments to the video maker are conveniently spaced out over a 6 month or 12 month period, depending on how many videos are created for you. These marketing videos are meanwhile drip-fed into your YouTube account, thus keeping your content fresh, bold and new.

In marketing, with the new Google updates this is an investment law firms cannot do without. Think back to the DWI example video I reference above. This particular attorney rules the DUI/DWI market in Tampa. If you where a DWI attorney in Tampa and had to compete—would you concede the entire Internet marketplace? If you did, would your law firm have any chance of growth in the years ahead?

These days you cannot compete without active marketing on the internet, and video marketing is especially popular with the 15-40 year old crowd supplying your future clients. It’s time for you to establish a video strategy ensuring your law firm’s financial future.

I’m Jacob Malherbe and I do SEO and Internet Marketing for a living. I consult for many top law firms on the best ways to market their services in the Age of the Internet. Why not send me an email right now to arrange a free consulting call? I’ll be happy to review your current marketing strategy and suggest proven ways you can quickly better your overall results.

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