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Test Test Test


Ok so you see my websites in a Google search are ranking high, and you found me that way I am sure,  but how do you really know if this will work for your websites?

Will Local Lawyer SEO Work For Me ?

The answer to that question is your really don’t, so you need to test it and find out.

The way you test it by buying a month campaign and see the movement in that month on the website that you give me.

To start with you want to use a secondary website to see the results of the SEO I am offering. A secondary website could be an inner page on your main domain or it could be a separate website that you had build for a specific area of the law you are working on.

You start with that website and then you see results in Google and then you move on from there to another website and as long as you see results within the month you are good to go.

test seo

SEO Is A Never Ending Test

Since we don’t set the rules Google does SEO is a never ending test to see what works and what does not work. After trial and error for the last 10 years and by constantly following what google is telling the webmaster community we have a pretty good idea of what Google wants right now. This could change in a month or in a week but right now we have a very good idea of what Google wants. When Google changes their algorithm like they did with the Panda and Penguin update we adapt and follow the ever changing landscape of SEO.

Anybody that do not understand the ever changing SEO landscape should not be doing SEO to begin with and should not be offering their service to clients.

SEO Comes With No Gurantees

In SEO as well as in life there are no guarantees and you need to test everything to find out what works and what don’t. You might have a good idea about my SEO service and you might have talked to me via email or skype and have found out I know what I am doing and I am actually in Florida and have been working for lawyers for the last 3 years but you still have to test. Do one campaign with me at a time get to know what works for your website. If you have not been on the first page of google for the past 3 years another month is not going to kill you. So test test and then test some more.

SEO Is A Win Win

I would love for you to be my customer and keep being my customer month after month. That is why my actions and your website climbing the ranks of Google is how I keep you as a customer, so my SEO will keep you running campaigns with me month after month. If at any time you feel like my SEO is not the best out there you just cancel the subscription and try something else.

A great customer for me is a customer that see his ranking go up in Google month after month. He keeps coming with more and more URL for me to work on as the first URL are doing great.

He let me do my job without to may questions or emails to respond to. I know you are busy and I will tell you right now that I am busy 90% of the day. So if you see the results you want keep doing what you are doing don’t bother me with questions and keep sending me new orders for new pages you want to rank for.

Remember this for your campaigns when you order from me.

The web site http://www.locallawyerseo.com will have the keywords Local Lawyer Seo right, and then the web pagehttp://www.locallawyerseo.com/Atlanta-DWI-Lawyer will have the keyword Atlanta DWI lawyer this way you could have many campaigns to run on one main domain. Think of every page as a separate keyword url to promote.

If I see a url that you give me that needs some help with on page SEO I will send you those suggestions to fix and that way the campaign I am running will be more successful.

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