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So who am I am what have I done that have put me in a position where I can offer Lawyer SEO, so here is the list and a the time frame when I did it.

2010 – Started up by doing oil spill leads for lawyers, in 3 years I have produced over 4,000 leads and about 1,800 cases for lawyers.

2011 – Produced more then 1,200 leads and about 120 cases in Mass tort, while still running oil spill sites for oil spill leads.

2012 – Produced more than 350 cases in Mass tort , while still running oil spill website.

2013 – Right now I have 3 #1 websites for Mass Tort, and several top 10 website creating about 150 mass tort leads every month. On track to do about 600 cases in mass tort this year.

Keywords In Lawyer SEO

I know what I am doing in mass tort and I know how to get leads in. Who care if you are #1 in Google if you don’t get the right leads in for your firm. You can be #1 in Google, but if its not for the right keyword its worthless.

Let me give an example.  I know an attorney that is #1 in google for the keyword  Transvaginal Mesh, straight up and he is really happy about. From this keyword he gets about 25,000 visitors but only about 10 leads per month. Out of these 10 leads only 1 lead is any good. That is out of 26,000 visitors per month.

Now I know another guy who is #1 in Google for the keyword Transvaginal mesh lawsuit, he gets about 2,500 visitors a month but he gets 40 leads per month where about 10 of them are good leads that are ready to sign with an attorney.

I think you get the point, people that are selling you on getting #1 in Google is pointless if its not for the right keyword.

What Do I Do

I don’t make stuff to make it look pretty, like so many attorneys are doing. I do stuff for results and to give people what they want and that is result in the form of leads they can call that are looking for a service that  they are offering.

Now I am not saying attorneys should not have their nice pretty branding website that goes on their business card, there is a need for that to , but the website I am making are made for one thing and one thing only to generate leads for the law firm.

The way I work for law firms are this easy 3 step process.

1. They tell me what they want to go after

2. Law firm will provide all content for the website and images.

3. I will buy the domain and set everything up and start to rank it.

I will then rent the law firm the website on a monthly basis and I will use my 1800 number on the website to generate both phone calls and a lead form that will bring emails in. The website will be rented to the law firm as long as they keeps up their payments every month.

If the law firm don’t want to use my services anymore the law firm branding is pulled down and any content that reference the law firm is removed and I rent it out to another law firm.

If you are interested in my services please leave me a message at jacob@locallawyerseo.com or see my website packages here


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