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Online Reputation Management


Reputation management is absolutely everything. Especially in your local market.

When you find yourself the victim of negative online information you therefore need to react quickly. Whether you run an established law practice, a top physicians group, a restaurant or a local retail shop—reputation management is crucial to your success.

We are experts at quickly minimizing damage caused by negative online information and protecting your professional reputation. When your online image is at stake, you can’t afford to be just a spectator. Taking legal action against those harming you online may be an option. But once something is on the Internet, getting it taken down from social media sites, news reports and personal blogs is almost impossible. And trying to do so isn’t where you want to spend your time and money.

Our proven strategies for pushing negative information off pages 1-2 of Google are the smart way to attack this common problem.

online reputation management

Online Reputation Management, Step 1

First, we identify the negative information in the three major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo—and the keywords associated with it. Is it your company’s name that brings up the bad information, or is it something else? After that, we see how social media and related websites may be exacerbating the problem. Then it’s time to bring out the big guns and get to work.

No one can remove negative information, despite the wild claims some consulting firms make. But through proven strategies we can often bury it so that only someone willing to read beyond pages 1-2 of Google search results will see it. And statistics show that only about 2% of search engine users go beyond these first two pages of results. In fact, an estimated 94% of Google users never look beyond page 1 of search results. So by pushing bad news to page 3 or beyond you can feel pretty secure.

News also depreciates rapidly on social media websites. Only if someone sets up a page specifically dedicated to harming you do you have a big problem. It such situations, our strategy will be to outrank the bad news so that keywords are less likely to trigger unwanted search results.

Step 2: Creating Fresh Content On The Subject

By expertly determining what we are up against we can design a program of regularly adding fresh web content to help bury the negative information. While prominently featuring the most important keywords, perhaps your name or that of your business firm, and by adding purposely designed press releases and blog posts plus Web 2.0 pages—we can flood the search engines with alternative pages. These will say only positive and credible things about you and your company, and will be created by either your own in-house writers, or ours, as part of the service package below.

The result will be negative news sinking further and further down in search results. Using these proven techniques a negative item appearing even at the top of Google page 1 can steadily be displaced twenty full places to page two—restoring effective control over your online reputation. Incorrect or deliberately injurious information about you or your firm need not be allowed to continue to cost you sales.

Let us start today on the solution!

Reputation Management Step 3: Combating Bad Reviews

Of course, individual consumers may sometimes react negatively to products and give them bad reviews. Putting these reviews online can be one way of challenging a company’s ability to address an issue.

We protect you by putting any bad consumer reviews in perspective. We make sure that the 99% of your customers who are satisfied or even thrilled with your product or service—are also heard.

Our expertise in the continually evolving world of online social media ensures that the good things people are saying about you and your company also make it into search engine results. Quickly and effectively. Consumers researching a product or service on Google, Bing or Yahoo deserve to know the real story, and are able to come to favorable conclusions when allowed to do so.

Would a current search on your company or its products and services, on popular consumer websites, give consumers accurate information? If not—isn’t it time we talked about working toward solutions?

Our Online Reputation Management Service

We will begin by analyzing your situation and expertly constructing ten new Web 2.0 online reference pages for your company, and getting them ranked high in search engine results.

Then, our skilled writers will create and distribute one press releases about you or your company giving consumers solid reasons to choose your product. And we will make sure this press releases are seen by the maximum number of prospective clients and are distributed to many news outlets that will list the press release on their site. All in all this will give us enough new page about your company to push the bad press away and give a client only good things about your company.

Time to completion: 30-45 days.

Price: $899

Please contact me direct for this jacob@locallawyerseo.com

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