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Is It Possible To Find Mass Tort Leads On Facebook ?


We hear so much about Facebook’s 1.3 billion users. How can those who would benefit from inclusion in your mass tort cases be identified?

An ongoing assignment of mine has been helping one top law firm find those specific Facebook users for their own mass tort department. I’ve already managed to identify over 1,700 new prospects for them in just the past eighteen months!

That’s not at all bad when you consider that our budget for each targeted drug or medical device was only $500 per month, plus my salary. As is often the case, a picture can tell a thousand words, so I’d like you to take a really good look at the below picture: the number in front of each Facebook page is where you will find that particular page in Google searches of the keywords in the title.

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PR Ranking Facebook

Facebook and SEO for Lawyers

What these examples clearly demonstrate is that I can get a Facebook page to the top of Google search results for any keyword. But what if I told you that this is not the prime way we are getting leads from Facebook? What if I told you that we’ve developed an even better way? Facebook has an advertiser platform so great that I can get clients’ advertising to ultra specific audiences—those which have used the drug or device in question and suffered adverse side-effects!

Sound too good to be true?

Well, let me explain more and give examples. Facebook offers an option to create a custom audience of people that I collect and upload to advertise directly to. My own custom software then allows me to find, as an example, all women that where using Drospirenone birth control pills (Yaz, Yasmin etc) or to find women that had a DVT, PE or stroke. That results in a database of 12,000 women that took Drospirenone and had a DVT, PE or stroke—which I can advertise exclusively to.

The results of such an advertising advantage? Since I started doing Yaz cases I have found 150 such cases for the client law firm. Is that a big number of Yaz cases when we know there where a total of 12,000 cases out there? Probably not—but I can tell you the law firm in question isn’t complaining! And I can do this targeting any drug or medical device. For example: SSRI drugs and birth defects, Nuvaring and DVT, PE or stroke (had 60 such cases at time of settlement).

What reasonable monthly fee would your law firm offer to have such valuable information delivered on a regular basis?

Offering Facebook Leads to 20 Mass Tort Lawyers.

After producing for just one law firm the past year and a half I’m ready to branch out and supply a few more firms with monthly campaigns. I will charge $2,000 per month to run a similar campaign for your law firm on my Facebook pages. I will pay for advertising the Facebook page out of the $2,000 you pay me each month. There will be no contract stating minimums of anything: if you like what you receive you’ll stay; if not, you won’t. I will advertise an 800 number that will go to your intake, one that needs to be good day, night and weekends. If you cannot supply a phone number then I will offer my own intake for use (http://www.legalintake.com) and send along the leads to you as they come in.

At present I can only manage 20 campaigns per month, but with most drugs and devices I can guarantee your firm will get at least one new case per month. You’ll probably get many more than that—but at least one new case is guaranteed. I’ll even continue the campaign into the next month for free, if necessary.

To begin, what I’ll need from your team is payment and an Intake Phone Number, plus approval of the Facebook posts we’ll advertise. When advertising begins so does your 30 days—not before. The longer your advertising runs the more new cases and leads you will get—as will be witnessed by your intake team during the campaign’s initial 30 days.

There are no limits on the mass tort campaigns you can run. I have pretty much run them all—and will be able to do the same for you!

So the opportunity is available and only the first 20 mass tort firms to sign up will be actively served.  All others will be put on a wait list. I will start taking appointments for next week to talk with you about your law firm’s needs. Sign up for appointment times hereYou can also email me at jacob@locallawyerseo.com if you already know the campaign you want to run and have the information ready.

Better yet I work from Windermere FL and not some country on the other side of the globe.

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