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One of the best places for a lawyer to be seen or found in Google search are in what we call the 7 pack of Google+ Local. A lot goes into a well optimized Google+ Local page in 3 places.

  • Your Google+ Local page itself with the text, pictures and video all optimized
  • Your main website also called the landing page for your Google+ Local Listing
  • Your local citation pointing to your main website

Making all this work together is how you optimize Google+ Local and its something that should be done by one person so everything is correct across the board. If you have already created your Google+ local page and you have your main website the optimization between the two and local citations are what you are needing to bring your listing to the 7 pack on the front page of google for your main local keywords.

Google+ Local Service

Optimizing Text, Pictures and Video On Google+ Local

First off its very important that your Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) is the same across between the Google+ Local and you main website. The NAP should also be the same from the local citation that you get to you main landing page for Google+ local. Your phone number should be a local number, so don’t use 800 numbers in your listing.

Another important thing is your title in Google+ Local make it your full business name, then make your landing page have the city and state in the title tag. I know you see people put the main keyword in the Title of their business but its one of those things that might work today but will not work down the road. Build your foundation strong from the beginning don’t look for loop holes that will soon be closed by Google its a loosing game to chase Google loop holes as your business will be strong one day and you will add staff to support that grows and overnight as a loop hole gets closed your business will get hurt badly from it.

The 10 images and video’s that you should put in your Google+ Local listing should all be optimized with the title of the image or video. So when you upload the image or video make sure the title is optimized.

Main Website Landing Page For Google + Local

There are many things that have to be optimized on the main website landing page for Google+ Local the first thing to understand is that the landing pages does not need to be the front page of your website, you could use an inner page that was optimized better for a specific area of the law where they keywords fit better with the keywords that you are optimizing your Google+ Local listing for. Also you need to get you main website optimized with maps, so again you tell google this is my exact address and I will show it to you on a map. All these optimizations on the main website landing page goes with local citations where everything has to be the same. The optimization of the main website landing page for Google+ Local is almost more important than your optimization of your Google+ Local listing. If the main website’s landing page is not optimized for google local you will not be seen in the pack 7 on Google.

Importance Of Reviews In Google + Local

With the law firms I work with I always stress the importance of Google + Local reviews, now you might ask yourself how do you get clients to do a review for you without being forced or coached by you. I will tell you how I do it. First when is a client the most happy ? Right when he gets his check from the settlement he won from the insurance company. So why not put a small note in with the check to the client asking him for a review if he has the time. You explain on the note the exact URL you want him to visit to make the review. This could be the Google+ Local page or it could be a citation site like Cityseach or Yelp. Its important to only put this note in with clients that possibly could use the keywords you are after. So if you are a personal injury lawyer going after keywords like Car accident lawyer or truck accident lawyer, don’t put a note to the client that had slip and fall accident if that is not your main focus.

Reviews on your Google+ Local listing and local citation sites are one of the most important things for your search engine placement and one that only you can ask your clients to do for you. No optimization package can help you with clients reviews but its something you have to put a person in your office in charge of coordinating.

What Would A Pack 7 Google+ Local Listing Mean For Your Business?

First off it would mean that you would be on the first page of Google for your main keywords, it would mean more eyeballs to your listing and more potential visitors to your website. If your website can convert these visitors to call you or fill out a contact form is your next challenge but if you have no traffic to your website then you don’t have the luxury of even having this problem. First your bring the clients by your website and then you work on converting them to paying clients.

Going from 10 visitors a day would maybe result in 1 new client a week, to 100 visitors a day it would probably mean 1 new client a day. That is the difference that Google+ Local can do for your business why not invest the time in making this happen.

We offer Google+ Local Packages if you feel like getting an expert to do the job right for you.

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