local lawyer seo

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I am very comfortable in my ability in SEO and as long as your site is not penalized in google from Panda or other penalty by google your 2 keywords that you send me will start moving up in google within the first 3 weeks of the campaign I am running for you. Each month you keep the campaign the results gets better and better as google will find more and more of the links that I have manually build for your website.

local lawyer seo

Manual SEO Is The Only Way To Do SEO

I don’t do anything that is not manual, the reason for that is foot prints, once you start shooting 10,000 links to a page and google see its the same link with same text to the same URL they are not dumb and they know you are using some kind of automatic tool to create these links.

My SEO is done with minimal amount of links but its the right links for your website, they are all done manually and all social signals are done manually by real humans. This is very important in Google as Spam links are getting devalued and penalized quick.

So my best advice to you is know who your are dealing with on SEO, make sure they know what they are doing. See their results in Google and Google only. The two other search engines Bing and Yahoo are not having hardly any traffic compared to google and they are not as sophisticated as Google.

I am local in Florida and most days are on Skype all day long doing SEO is what me and my team does.

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